DripCatch™, LLC Commences Manufacturing and Distribution of Newly Patented Safety Device for Food and Beverage Industry

SEATTLE, WA–(Marketwire – Jan 10, 2012) – DripCatch™, LLC announced today that it has begun manufacturing and distribution of a new, low-cost safety device that could significantly minimize the risk of costly “slip-and-fall” accidents in the food & beverage industry. The device, known as a DripCatch basin, snaps tightly underneath commercial glass and dishware racks and fits snugly into dollies to prevent excess water from leaking or spilling in kitchen and dining areas.

According to celebrity chef, award winning restaurateur and culinary writer Tom Douglas, “It’s great to find a product that makes you smack your head and go ‘Perfect! That’s just what we need!’ It keeps our floors dryer, our employees and customers safer, the restaurant cleaner and me happier… win win win!”

Regional restaurant design, supply and distributor, Bargreen Ellingson, recently awarded DripCatch™ an exclusive distribution agreement covering nine western states and British Columbia.

Alexandra Abraham, the 22-year old SU business student and inventor of DripCatch™, said, “I’m extremely honored by the help and support I’ve received from restaurant industry icons, Tom Douglas and Bargreen Ellingson in launching our new company and safety product. When people of this caliber take the time and interest to support young entrepreneurs like me, anything is possible.” Alexandra also mentioned “the patient support and guidance provided by DripCatch™ manufacturer, Cashmere Molding of Woodinville, WA has been invaluable.”

According to Alexandra’s business advisors, DripCatch’s™ attractive pricing and risk mitigating characteristics make the market for this product/device almost too big to quantify. Every commercial food service business in the world is a potential customer.

About DripCatch™, LLC

When business student Alexandra Abraham slipped on a wet hotel kitchen floor while catering an event, she resolved to fix the problem for commercial kitchens everywhere. Taking a leave from Seattle University’s Albers School of Business, Alexandra designed, patented and prototyped a product that would prevent excess water from leaking or spilling from glass racks.

Now in production at Cashmere Molding, a green manufacturing plant in Woodinville, WA, DripCatch™ is being hailed as an effective and affordable way to dramatically reduce the number of slip and fall incidents. Alexandra founded the Company with support from her family, friends and local investors in 2011.

DripCatch is a registered trademark of DripCatch, LLC

Article Source: MarketWire.com