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The DripCatch is being hailed as the most effective and affordable product
on the market for dramatically reducing the amount of water on floors and

Place DripCatch under any single warewashing rack or stack of racks to:

    • Catch all downward-flowing liquid from coming into contact with your walkways, serving staff, and guests
    • Make icing and watering glassware easier and faster by eliminating any messy cleanup afterwards
    • Keep your bar and dishwashing area dry
    • Prolong dolly life by keeping your dollies and their casters dry and rust-free
    • Allow serving staff to carry hot and wet glassware without the worry of coming in contact with contaminated or high- temperature liquids
    • Protect glassware from contamination while in storage
    • Increase cleanliness and reduce clean-up time for on-site catering


Product Description


Weight: 3.1 lbs
Dimensions: 19.75 in. x 19.75 in.
*Compatible with all modern warewashing racks
Material: Polypropylene- highest grade used in order to carry heavy loads
and withstand high temperatures
*Manufactured in the state of Washington


Thierry Rautureau

"DripCatch™ has taken away from my headache by saving space, creating dry surfaces, and keeping liquid, from clean and dirty glassware, out of my way! It's like a magic hat trick!"

Thierry Rautureau, nicknamed the 'Chef in the Hat' is the Chef/Owner of Loulay and Luc Restaurants in Seattle, Wa. Rautureau is a James Beard Award Winner and has made appearances on major cooking shows including Bravo TV's Top Chef Masters