(Restaurant Daily News–Monday, May 7, 2012)

When business student Alexandra Abraham slipped on a wet hotel kitchen floor while catering an event, she resolved to fix the problem for commercial kitchens everywhere. Taking a leave from Seattle University’s Albers School Business, Alexandra designed, patented and prototyped a product that would prevent excess water from leaking or spilling from glass racks. Her result— DripCatch™, an effective and affordable way to dramatically reduce the number of slip and fall incidents that can occur in a commercial kitchen.

The DripCatch basin is a 20 x 20 drip prevention system which snaps tightly underneath commercial glass and dishware racks and fits snugly into dollies to prevent excess water from leaking or spilling in kitchen and din- ing areas. The DripCatch is designed to increase the safety of your kitchen and reduce messes by preventing water from dripping off of freshly cleaned racks onto floors and carpets. Anyone who’s ever had to move a freshly washed glass rack and ended up with a wet lap can appreciate the value that DripCatch brings to staff morale.

If helping to reduce slip and fall accidents wasn’t enough, catching drips isn’t all that DripCatch can do. It’s also an effective dish rack cover and can be placed on top of a 20×20 rack to protect dishes from contamination during storage and transport which can result in time lost to rewash- ing. Additionally it can be used as a soaking bin for utensils.

A further benefit from the DripCatch is the ability to use it as an ice- and water-filling catch rack. This helps caterers and banquet staff to enjoy speedier set-ups and allows them to take advantage of the DripCatch when it’s time to clear the tables.